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Launch your start-up. Scale your business. Build your dreams. All without the financial headache, with Banksy.

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3000+ businesses around the world trust us to keep their money safe.

With Banksy, you never have to worry about unpaid bills and skipping coffees to save money. We help you plan ahead so you can achieve your goals--and celebrate them!

Get instant notifications the second you pay.

Know where you stand and save more every step of the way. Set budgets for things like groceries and going out, and get warnings if you’re spending too fast!

Cards that work all across the world.
No ATM fees. No minimum balance. No overdrafts.

Don't let your funds sit idle- invest with ease.

Let your money make you money through super-safe U.S. Government securities and money market funds. Put that extra cash to use without putting it at risk with Banksy.


Power up your business with a full-stack online bank account that fits your needs.

Checking Account

Make your money work as hard as you do. Get cash back and no maintenance fees with an account that benefits your bottom line.

Savings Account

Earn 10X higher interest than the National Average on your savings. Pave the road for the future of your business.

Business Account

Create an FDIC-insured bank account with API access, virtual cards, team management and more.
Mobile app

A bank that goes where you go.

Get your money moving with our simple to use, accessible mobile app. As good as a bank branch within your phone!

Credit cards

Boost your savings with the right credit card.

All your needs covered with a full range of credit and debit cards .

Lifestyle Benefits :
Get cash backs and rewards that help you spend more without burning through your funds
Travel better by earning unlimited 1.5x miles
Lifestyle Benefits :
Get cash backs and rewards that help you spend more without burning through your funds
Travel better by earning unlimited 1.5x miles
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Lending that doesn't weigh you down.

Apply for a loan
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Purchase your dream house
Get the lowest interest rates
Car Loans
Finance your vehicle with easy loans
Get bonus discounts and vouchers
Education Loans
Study abroad with access to funds
Pay back conveniently as you grow
Business Loans
Fuel your growth with  funding
Get guidance from experts
Customer Story

Cannot recommend Banksy enough!

“ It's been 2 years since I found Banksy, and it's such a relief as a small business owner to not worry about unnecessary fees. I lost my credit card once, and the service was so prompt that I was back to work the next day!
Melanie Shaw
Design Lead @ Apple
Customer Story

Highly recommended!

“ We'll do the work of saving for them each month.When you know your bills are covered, you can focus on the fun parts of having money “
Joe Fisher
Product Manager @ Nike
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Frequently asked questions

Get answers to all questions you have and boost your knowledge so you can save, invest and spend smarter. See all questions here!
How do I locate the nearest branch or ATM?

You can locate an ATM or branch nearest to you by clicking here!

What do I do if I lose my card or it gets stolen?

If your card is missing, let us know immediately. We’ll block your card right away send over a new one on the same day.To report a lost or stolen card, call us at 1800-2769-887.

What is your customer service number?

You can contact us at 1800-XXXX-XXX or 1800-XXXX-XXX and we'll be there to help you out.

How do I reset my pin?

If you're forgotten your debit or credit card pin, call us at 1800-2769-887 or log into your mobile app using your card and set a new pin after going through our security questions.

What is required to use Digital Banking?

You'll need any one of these: A Checking or Savings account, a Credit Card, a Loan or Mortgage, a CD, an Add on CD, an IRA, or a Brokerage account.

And internet access, a laptop or mobile phone!

Is digital banking secure?

Yes! Digital Banking utilizes industry-standard security protocols that leverage encryption for transferring data. Encryption helps create a secure environment for the information being transferred, and we ensure that account data is never stored on your device!